Authors and Co-founders:  Linda Richardson and Gill Price have many years’ experience in both the humanitarian and development sectors.

Peer reviewers:   All In Diary continually responds to feedback from field users and updates the content fully every two years. These updates are reviewed by a wide range of professionals within the sector who voluntarily provide feedback to ensure the information is a true reflection of current issues, standards and resources.

Support from organisations: Increasingly All In Diary is working in partnership with other organisations, both informally and under licence:

     Disseminating diaries:

  • in emergencies (e.g. Save the Children, International Organisation for Migration)
  • to Emergency Response Teams (e.g. International Medical Corps, International Rescue Committee, Medair)
  • to local partners and local offices (e.g. UNICEF, KCOC)
  • as a training resource (e.g. RedR, Oxfam GB Context programme, Swiss Red Cross, CFSI Philippines)
  • adapting All In Diary information pages for internal use under licence (e.g. World Vision, Save the Children)

     Sharing links:

  • on websites (e.g. ReliefWeb, CARE, Oxfam,)
  • with local field offices (e.g. UN OCHA)

     Marketing and raising awareness:

  • g. Asian NGO Magazine, Forced Migration Review

Translations: Over time, All In Diary has been translated, on a voluntary basis, by both individuals and organisations into 9 languages – French, Spanish, Arabic, Bangla, Bahasa, Korean, Urdu, Tamil and Sinhala. Our challenge now is to update many of these to the 5th edition.

Thanks… everyone who has supported and encouraged us from the inception of this project, through the launch of the initial trial, to publishing our 5th edition.. Without this it would still be an idea floating around our heads.
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